Some say the world will end with fire.

Others say with ice.

From what I've tasted of desire

I hold with those that favor fire.

But if I had to perish twice,

I think I know enough of hate,

To say that for destruction ice,

Is also great and would suffice.

Robert Frost


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Monday, May 11, 2009


Cars will drive you crazy. We have a little car that has made a noise near the hazard marker switch since we very first bought the car. At times the blinkers wouldn't work so you had to push the hazard marker switch and let them blink a few times then the blinkers would work again. We have fought this phenomenon since we first bought the car several years ago.

Last week the car developed a leak of coolant from somewhere near the back of the engine. We couldn't see exactly where but the water pump (what I thought the problem was) on this car is near there and when it goes out it leaks like that and you have to remove the timing chain and a lot of other stuff to replace it so we took it to a mechanic that has done some really good work for us in the past.

Turns out it wasn't the water pump but it cost us a pretty penny to fix the leak anyway. When I picked up the car he told me the blinkers didn't work so I showed him what you had to do to make them work. He said you really ought to get that fixed so I told him to go ahead and do it. He looked up the part on his computer and came back and told me that there was a recall on the car from the Company that builds it for that part and that the dealer would replace it free. So he thought we should take it there for the repair. Tonite we took it down to have it looked at - sure enough there is a recall and they will replace the switch tomorrow. He told us it should take about 45 minutes to fix it - we'll see. He also acted like there was no recall on the car but after he looked it up on the computer told us the other mechanic had been right.

For those of you that know that noise the car makes by the switch - it will be gone the next time you drive it - and it was FREE to fix it. Sometimes I wonder about my mentality of figuring out how to fix stuff just enough to get by. We could have had this fixed for the last however many years without having to pay a single cent to fix it. DAMN!

Anyway this just goes to show you that procrastination isn't always the best route. If I had stalled on this a few more thousand miles the recall would have expired because it only goes until you have 150,000 miles on the vehicle. That must be what they think the normal life of a vehicle is.


Amber said...

after all the trouble trying to get my damaged splash shield replaced I decided from now on I will get my oil changed by the dealer, and the good part is that they check for things like that (open recalls) so that makes me feel good.

Lightning Strikes said...

Glad someone FINALLY did their job and now your car will be like new!!!

Dee Ice Hole said...

Wrong---we picked it up today and it needs another part and another dose of labor to the tune of over $400.00 - so much for freebees. I took it in to get fixed why the hell didn't they just fix it.

Native Minnow said...

Which is why I was surprised when you opted for that make again, after all the problems you had with that old station wagon we had.

Dee Ice Hole said...


MY BAD!!!!!!!!!!

Epitome of Sweetness said...

Yeah...I froze in my red truck all winter and all it needed was a fifty cent fuse.
Because I was poor and didn't think I could fix it. :)

Dee Ice Hole said...

I am so sorry you froze all winter - I probably could have helped......