Some say the world will end with fire.

Others say with ice.

From what I've tasted of desire

I hold with those that favor fire.

But if I had to perish twice,

I think I know enough of hate,

To say that for destruction ice,

Is also great and would suffice.

Robert Frost


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Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I really love it when the blog I wrote doesn't publish and I have to do it over---I never get it the same but here goes.

Monday I got a call from the Ranger of an adjoining Ranger District asking if I could go fly with him to look at a fire on his district that he was considering letting burn for resource benefit.

I hurried down to the helipad and flew to his airport where we picked him up and flew to the fire. We looked it over carefully and took a few pictures of the fuels and potential for running in the basin. Then I asked the pilot to get me a high view so I could determine if the fire had much potential for coming to town.

We determined that even if the fire got running good there was very little chance of it coming to town so he decided to let it burn for resource benefit. He got all kinds of support for that call and it was a good call. Even if the fire doesn't do anything he had to go through the gut wrenching of making a decision to let an uncontrolled force of nature do it's thing. Takes GUTS lots of GUTS.

He has his first one in the bag now no matter what happens-0--I hope he calls me for help next time too---I love doing that---I also love letting nature do HER thing. See first line of my blog site.

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Epitome of Sweetness said...

It's because you made too many clicks when you hit publish. I do it all the time and it's really a pisser.