Some say the world will end with fire.

Others say with ice.

From what I've tasted of desire

I hold with those that favor fire.

But if I had to perish twice,

I think I know enough of hate,

To say that for destruction ice,

Is also great and would suffice.

Robert Frost


"Good things come to those who wait, but, only the things LEFT by those who hustle." - Unknown (at least by me)

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"If you aren’t living on the edge, you’re probably taking up too much space.” ~ Attributed to Jim Whittaker by Doug ‘Swani’ Swantner, Alaska Smokejumper and Air Attack Base Manager (Ret.)

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Since my last post I have been to the 4358 acre Rhyolite fire in the west desert about 250 miles outside of Salt Lake City. It was a fun fire with lots of trainees running it. It is always fun for me to watch these young people grow through their actions on a going fire. This one was no exception, the first night there was an error made and there was no food of the fire fighters except for the MRE's they had in their rigs. This is a terrible thing to have happen to people that are working so hard to protect the wildlands of our nation. We got that fixed the second day and the food was great the rest of the time. The trainee running the fire learned pretty quickly that it was good to have someone, other than him, making arrangements and chasing loose ends to make sure that the fire fighters had everything they needed.

I got home and cleaned up my gear just in time to start visiting Inklings family at their yearly get together. They all come out to a small town where her parents live and spend a week just visiting and fishing and puttering around. We drove over every day and had a great visit with all of them. Was really fun to see some that I hadn't seen for seventeen years.

Lightning Strikes and her family, including her new Great Dane and cat, came to visit and we went over so her husband and kids could meet Inklings family. It was a good trip and I really enjoyed having them here. I took her husband and two kids shooting and we had a lot of fun. I like to see little kids learn respect for and how to use a firearm. I really get a kick out of seeing their little smiles when they hit the target.

This week I finished putting up the doors that we hired a guy to do 2.5 years ago. He got the doors and put many of them in but had left two unfinished. I got them taken care of and am really sore. That is the reason I hired someone else in the first place is because I am not really good at that type of thing and for sure my legs aren't in good enough shape to get up and down as much as you have to when doing this type of work. I am glad this job is done and the doors are a huge improvement in our house.

I have also had dentist appointments for a checkup and to fill a cavity, two doctor appointments, and two physical therapist appointments during this time. I don't know if they can fix this old guy up or not---time will tell. Oh yeah and I just got scheduled for a colonoscopy on August 8. Can't hardly wait for the seventh. :-(



Lindsay Logic said...

While we were bear hunting, it was about 12:30 and we were loaded up to go back to camp. We got a REALLY good strike and I looked at JD and told him "No, don't even think about it, your daughter's hungry." Then we turned another corner and got another REALLY good strike. I said the same thing again and said, "We need to go back to camp, we don't know how long we'll be out if we let the dogs loose now." He didn't argue, and agreed. We turned the next corner, and we could smell smoke and there was a HUGE forest fire. We were so glad that we hadn't turned our dogs out. There was a fire engine there when we were headed out and they said they thought it was a holdover from lightning, and was finally getting some heat from the sun, so had really flared up. They told us they would make sure to give us plenty of time to get out, if we needed to evacuate, and we told them where we were camped. They had planes and helicopters and were fighting it the rest of the afternoon, and they watched the hot spots all weekend. It was really amazing to watch how quickly they set up everything (even port-a-potties) within a few hours. They have a pretty good system, when it's running correctly. :)

Lindsay Logic said...

Oh, and it was a holdover fire, caused by lighting, because they found the tree that started it all. We talked to them a few times while we were hunting- they told us we could still hunt pretty much everywhere, because they had it pretty much contained.